Prairie Dog Abuse

I watched the city workers shovel dirt over their holes.  Mostly likely, they’d already poisoned them and were just burying them in their own homes.  It startled me to watch something from the city bus as we entered the highway, I’d heard so much about but never witnessed.  I can’t figure out why they needed to kill these prairie dogs.

On the way home, on the other side of the highway across from the prairie dog home I saw that morning, the same thing was happening.  Only there were no workers to be angry at.  Just small grey cages over the holes incase any tried to escape?  It was all I could do to not cry on the bus knowing they were all dead beneath the ground.

And I remembered a story a long time ago about a man who buried his Rottweiler’s puppies alive.  They charged him with animal abuse.

So I am just curious, if the Rottie owner had poisoned them first, would that have justified the situation?  And if not,…

Why does the city get to kill so many prairie dogs every year?  Is relocation to open space a little too humane for some to stomach?

I am heartbroken.  I watched these prairie dogs from the bus every other day last semester as I came and went to college.  Now there are just small brown mounds of dirt.  Empty and without their cute, fat little fuzzy bodies, squeaking their cute little barks to one another.

I grieve in this society.  Its so heartless…


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