the devils of black and white

i was looking for someone willing
to learn to get a long.
instead of just stealing
my attention from their wrong.

the devils of black and white
dance in everyone’s eyes
but i needed past that delight
someone that could realize.

in a world where nothing is straight
a place to come together
a weaving of our weight
one against the other.

you are biased about your feelings
indeed just the one i need.
someone just a little daring,
to go beyond their own strategy.

Copyright © 2012 asperger eyes


touch me

when you touch me
i’m dragged backwards in time.
a place of safety and
freedom, when they used to combine.

a fight with my automatic response
to jerk away from human touch,
from days that still haunt
but god i need you so much.

i want to turn to you
and hold your face in my gaze
to fall into those eyes of yours
to never forget these days.

days you made me feel
grounded like the oaks.
days where love made sense
and i wasn’t forsaken in my hope.

Copyright © 2012 aspergers eyes


my body swells.
an attempt to explode,
at all that crashes beneath
of which has made me erode.


a struggle to let go
of all thats in me.
a war to express this pain i know
through all of my tragedy.

no words. no sounds.
nothing striking to allow
the binds to unbound
all within just becomes hollow.


Copyright © 2012 asperger eyes


the lies that clothe your body
the scars that seal your eyes
walking through life, lifeless
as if some sort of compromise.

a tantalizing secret
a scent of a beautiful domain
razor sharp teeth
to protect you from the pain.

a chance to live forever
in the moments of today
starving for affection
you do whatever they say.

the battle is already won
they’ve taken over your mind
your choices are not freedom
if you continually fall in line.

Copyright © 2012 asperger eyes


he creeps into my mind
like a cool breeze in the summer time.

i can’t escape the pleasantry
but giving in is uncertainty.

how do i enjoy such a beautiful thing
when my mind seeks to destroy
what love rebels from certainty?
to hold too tightly is tragedy.
to run away is lonely.

how do i love?
how do i love in uncertainty?

copyright © 2012 asperger eyes