You have a lot you want to do and little time or energy

Last night I was making a schedule for my week.  I added all the musts for college and home responsibilities, but then there is a list of stuff I am working on for my future.  I incremented my list out in 15 minute time slots wondering if that would be enough time to really get into whatever it is I’m doing.  This morning I found this website called

Sustainably Creative  You can read the article there.

Confirmation that it is possible.  I will be reading the article again and experimenting with it.

I’m working on an ebook, a website for social and environmental change, a website for donation-based Life Coaching, singing lessons, learning math (again, for graduation), learning piano and guitar, working on my art, blogging, finding scholarships, moving completely out of my apartment and back in all within 3-5 months (for renovations), and trying to find  ways to bring in money.  I have to make 15 minutes a day per item work.

The awesome part is he also has a short video on decluttering.  I can be working on that as well and hopefully after all the moving is done, I will finally have the workspace conducive for productivity.


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