Embracing your experiences, good and bad

I have been listening to Joseph Clough for over a year now. He coaches and does hypnosis mp3s. Many of them are free on iTunes, YouTube and his website. He also has a book and other mp3s for sale.

He has been one of the most profound coaches I have listened to. His mp3s have brought me out of severe anxiety and helped me to build confidence in different aspects of my life. I always find myself referring back to him. I can’t recommend him enough to everyone, whether you have Asperger’s or not.

Here is a YouTube he recently posted. I hope you enjoy it!


Bob Marley

Here was a man that was an outsider, faced poverty, and endless struggles to follow his passion with music as well as seeing the world come together in humanity. He fought this path his entire 36 years of life. He was so passionate that even his wife was as dedicated as he was.

There are a lot of things going on in the world that are the opposite of his messages of love and standing up for what is right. I hope, right along with Bob that we will all start to love more, give more, be less selfish in every way that we can for the sake of bringing us together in humanity.

If we are so tired and exhausted with school shootings, theater shootings, laws that don’t make sense, arguments that go awry, life passions that get put to the way side, money that is spent on useless distracting and ridiculous things, why don’t we stand up for what is right? This country is made by every individual’s decisions and how they live their lives on a daily basis. Everything you do matters for what we are building as a country. We have no excuse anymore to hide behind ignorance, with the enormous amount of information on the internet and through each other. Its wide open for us. Now its just a battle for the mind and what will it choose? Stand up! Don’t become just a sidewalk preacher or a Facebook post’r. Actually start changing yourself to become the love and humanity that leaders like Marley were, and then take that love out to the world where YOU see its need most. Use your art, your music, your voice, whatever you love. Use your love for love and humanity.

Check out this movie. It clears up a lot of misconceptions about Bob Marley and might inspire you, like it did me.